True Craftmanship

We work with true craftsmen and high quality leather & supplies for competitive prices to produce the best leather accessories for you. Because we are established near you, we are able to understand the importance of fast fashion.

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We love leather

About us

Sun Belts Europe is a producer of leather accessories established in Tanger, Morocco, only 17 kilometers from Europe. True craftsmanship in a responsible environment is our number 1 priority. We specialize in leather belts but also produce bags, bracelets, anklets, wallets and other leather accessories. With a premium-equipped factory, we are able to reach the highest standards, according to whatever your wishes are.

Our goal is to build a long-term cooperation with you. We supply to the best brands and retailers all over Europe.

We have the best craftsmen

Our vision

Founded in 2002 with craftsmen from all over Morocco, Sun Belts Europe started with a production capacity of 1000 leather belts per week. Now we have grown to a professional production company of leather accessories with a capacity that is still growing every year. Our specialty still remains belts but we also produce bags, wallets, bracelets and more. We only use premium quality leather from Europe that meets all the CAT1 requirements. All other supplies and accessories are sourced in Europe as well.

Some of our people

Our policies & procedures


2017 audits Classified B and "qualified for GREEN rating" (BSCI & SGS)
2016 Classified B (second highest) level by several customers private Audit
2015 SMETA Pillar 2 (SEDEX)
2014 Social Audit (BSCI)
(SMETA 2 Pillar & 4 Pillar)
2012 Ethical Trade Audit
(SMETA 2 Pillar)
2012 Ethical Trade Audit 
2009 Social Audit (BSCI)
2009 Ethical Trade Audit 2
2009 Ethical Trade Audit 1
2008 Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA)
2007 Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA)

At Sun Belts, we try to make sure our people have everything they need to perform optimally. That is why we put the health, safety and satisfaction of our employees first. We try to develop a healthy environment to work in by always staying in touch with our 200+ employees with a dedicated HR department. We continuously work on the development of our factory. The policies and procedures of our customers and internal policies and procedures are always up to date. This makes us able to always challenge ourselves to get the best of our company.

Because of our long-term experience with leather, we are also able to reduce waste as much as possible and use a leather hide optimally. Furthermore we sort waste and recycle what we can to ensure we contribute to our environmental responsibility.

SUNBELTS has adopted a social and an environmental Policy.
SUNBELTS has been also audited & certified by Customs.

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Zone Industrielle AZIT, Allée 01 Lot. 032 | 90000 Tanger - Maroc 
T +212 (0)539 95 36 99 | F +212 (0)539 95 03 80

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